Spot the Typo: (AP) Saddam Accuses U.S. of 'Shameful Crime'


Aren't we sick of having wars yet? Hmph, well if the latest news stories are any indication, we've pretty much lost touch with what "war" is exactly. Bush is warning the American public to be prepared for the possibility of death in this war. In the face of armed conflict, we seem most concerned with the length of the red carpet at our movie awards ceremony. "Now people, realize that during a war, there is a slight chance that someone may be hurt. We can only pray that our celebrities will remain safe."

At least there's one good thing that comes out of horrible massive bloody world wars: fun first-person shooters.

And I've got just the plotline for the next one.


Spot the Typo 9: (AP) Saddam Mocks Ultimatum to Give Up Power

I think I'm going to market a special brand of high-fat, high-sugar ice cream that doesn't have the nutritional information printed on the side. I think I'll call it, "Blissful IgnoranceTM"

Does anybody else get the creepy feeling that Saddam's going to be all, "Oh, silly me. HERE are those weapons of mass destruction you've been looking for!"


So, apparently the defense attorney in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case has urged the jury to give a light sentence to his client because it "could encourage other kidnappers to keep their captives alive."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the fact that he was caught because he kept his victim alive kind of discourage kidnappers from sparing their victim's lives? Furthermore, once you kill your kidnap victim, doesn't it change from kidnapping to umm.... murder?

I worked 100 hours last week. I haven't had a day off in the past 2 week, thus I am resorting to AIM conversation content. Deal.

ami : i think i know how mullets originated
SuboKen: by accident
ami : well, it all began before the time of hair salons
ami : when people cut each others hair...without cosmotology licenses
ami : it was a brutal, primative time
SuboKen: ohhh neolithic stylezz
ami : one day, there was a man, in his early thirties,
ami : who was alone
ami : the rest of the clan had lef t hunting for the day
ami : he was laone
ami : alone
ami : and looking in a piece of obsidian,
ami : noticed his hair was dang long
ami : so he took a sharpened cave man tool
ami : and cut off the front of his hair while looking in the mirror
ami : er, obsidian
ami : when he was done, it appeared that his hair was now short and sassy
ami : but in his pathetic neolithic mind, he did not realize
ami : the BACK was still long!
ami : The rest of the clan came back
ami : they had killed some caribou and a rabbit
ami : and a doormouse
ami : and a chicken
ami : they took one look and Mhyhkelou (that's the main character)
ami : and said,
ami : "bitchin 'do, man!"
ami : "what we particularly like is how you left the back long!"
ami : "huh?" said Mhyhkelou.
ami : they held up another mirror so he could see the back
ami : and lo!
ami : he had a mullet
ami : and lived happily ever after
ami : Fin.
SuboKen: that is the most awesome story I have heard all week.


Davezilla's got the Anti-Bloggies nomination page up! No tthat I would ever whore myself out, but please please plase go in there and nominate me for every category, the more inappropriate the better! I want to pull an Ernie!