Okay, now I remember what was bugging me so much. Those license plate frames that say "Alumni - SJSU" or whatever. Alumni is plural!!! Arfghfeh!!! It should say "Alumnus - SJSU" unless they're talking about more than one, or simply recognizing the Alumni as a whole. I mean, I wouldn't expec the average college graduate to know the difference between "alumni" and "alumnus", but shouldn't the people who made the license plates have checked that? Maybe the focus of this site wil shift from dorkiness to having a complaint every day or something.

But I guess having a new complaint every day is pretty dorky.


Tech support is scary.

So now that I take the train to work, I have lots and lots of time to think about events, both personal and wordly, complaints, musings, ponderings and philosophies.

Of course, once I sit in front of a computer, it all just... disappears.... I swear I'll something interesting to say sooner or later. Of course I'm not qualified to talk about anything related to the regent tragedies. So I'll just be going now.