jobhuntblog -

So, Ernie and myself went up to the city to go to hotjob's career fair today. If you ask me, they shouldn't call it a "fair" unless there are tilt-a-whirls and funnel cake. THen it woudln't have been a complete and total waste of time. We tried to drown our jobhunt sorrows at the PlayStation store but I just can't justify spending half the price of a PS1 on one game. Siiighhhhh.....

On the plus side, as of this week, I'm now a Flash professional and junk. Here's my first flash project ever. And it only took me one day to concept, create and code. word. So if the fact that I wasn't a kickass Flash master was the only thing that was holding you back from giving me an awesome job, then by all means, offer away.