How cost-prohibitive would it be for Apple to hire someone to do a quick case-by-case human check on censorship for iTunes? As it is, it's clearly handled by a script, with results that kind of defeat the whole purpose.

For starters, if I type in the word "fuck" and do a search for it, clearly I am okay with seeing the word "fuck" on my screen. I can understand it if in the case here, I had searched for "holy", I might not be happy to see profanities, but I would be out of luck anyhow, because the image has the same words emblazoned across it. A human would have noticed that.

Aside from that, it only censors song titles, not band names. So here it will fill in asterixes for the song titles "Pussy Galore", but not the band name "Pussy Galore". And of course, it's heavy handed, so any references to "pussy" meaning "cat" or "cock" meaning "rooster" get a similar treatment.

Again, this could be caught by a human. I know that scripts work for free, but in the interest of hiding profanity from those who don't want to see it and showing it to those who do, Apple could really do better by having an intern just glance at this stuff.