Holy crap! Convergence of modern coola nd past regrettables!

Lawrence Fishburne form the matrix originally appeared as Cowboy Curtis on Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

The "You are alone? Maybe I can help you" sample on UNKLE's Psyence Fiction is Boba Fett from the animated segment of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Wesley Snipes was in the video for Micheal Jackson's "Bad".

All tidbits gleaned from, my one-stop time-wasting source.

Okay, I've added a link to the archives, as if anyone cares. I suppose that since I've been doing it for more than a month, I must actually be kind of interested in keeping on keeping on.

And I'll form the head!!!

Went to the mall yesterday and bought me a whole voltron set for jst $10, aw yeah. I never had the entire set when I was a kid, I only had two or three of the lions tops. So, at the playgorund, you had to meet up with other kids to form Voltron. I might have the left leg and left arm, someone else would have the black lion, and then we'd have to hunt down the right arm and leg. Eventually you could finally form the defender of the universe. So in that way Voltron could promote social skills and teamwork.

But when it came down to who was gonna play with Voltron.... oh no....

"Me first! I've got both the arms!"

"No, me! I've got the black lion!"

"You better let me play with him, or else I'll beat you up!"


Sometimes if we couldn't get past the fact that one or another kid was seriously unpopular and too much a pain to play with, even if he was the only one who had the yellow lion, we'd have to end up with gimpy midget Voltron, or amputee Voltron. Fortunately one of the black lion's legs could sort substitute for an actual transformed-lion limb. It's be jsut that one side was the right size, and one side was all shrivelled and wrong. But I guess that taught us somethign about being inclusive. Voltron! Differently-Abled Defender Of The Universe!

So now that I've got all 5 lions (Even if it is a singel set, and not the big, seperately-sold ones, but they only had the blue lion there.) I'm sure to be incredibly popular! I just need to sit back and let the promotions roll in.


I dont' like moving. I like being moved.

Seeing as how it didn't show up at all in an altavista search, I'm assuming it doesn't exist.

Producers, I am now accepting offers for my script to highly erotic story of a skateboarding blonde stud who uses his particular brand of super-sexy investigation to find his brother's killer..

I call it.... that's right, Gleaming the Pube.

Well, Re/Max hates e-bay apparently. You know, whatever... we got our current housing whatnot taken care of at Re/Max, and they gave us a bum deal. Our agent said she'd add pool care in an addendum to our lease, and neevr did, and consequently we have 10,000 gallons of split pea soup in our backyard. And she said our landlord was cool.

Our landlord is not cool.

If it wasn't for that whole stupid law about libel and slander and whatnot, I think it'd be great to have an online list of bad landlords. that would be especially nice here in the Silicon Valley, where people have to essentially take it up the butt from renters for a place to live. If anyone knows of a resource like this, I've got a couple names for them.


So it's raining again. that's alright. Thing is, I don't have my bestest most wonderfullest umbrella ever created in the whole of the universe any more.

For 3 semesters this beautiful, non-collapsible wooden-handled umbrella with a print of the actual Sunday funnies covering it sat in the corner of the CADRE lab at SJSU. I waited and waited, but no one ever claimed it. I did the only proper thign and released it into my possession. It served me well for many years> I had the heft and weight of it figured perfectly, I flipped that sucker around like muthafuckin' Gene Kelly. I would often take advantage of its metal tip to use it as a lawn dart in the damp grass during a walk home form school after the rain stopped.

But unfortunately, it was old. It already had some difficulty folding up properly when I procured it, and I had to bend the spokes of it back into position numerous times. I nevr could get it to open automatically form the pushbutton, even though I developed a snazzy spinning manuever which let it pop open right above my head. Eventually, the weak metal pole gave out and I was left with a wooden handle and a broken rest of an umbrella. I still have the handle, but I've never seen another umbrella like it anywhere.

I am left today with a baby-poop-brown collapsibel and the magic-fag umbrella, so called becuase it is pink, small, is covered with blue, white yellow and green hearts, and if I take it out in public, people call me a fag, just like magic.

So, bestest most wonderfullest umbrella ever created in the whole of the universe, wherever you are today, I miss you. I hope I can find another umbrella half as rad as you were.

You know, there was once a time when I was pretty interested in a girl named Sakura. It didnt' work out at all, but I mean, wouldn't it have been cool? We'd have both been named after Street Fighter characters! Think of the appearances we could make at Halloween parties!

I'm not sure what to say or think about that. It's form KThor's collection of unfunny porno comics. I dunno, I find it kind of funny. Not funny, "ha ha", but more like funny "oh no."


Hey Lee Harvey Oswald wannabes! Now you can see what he would see if he uh... never moved and still sat in his perch.

(thanks to Coliopteran)

ACK!!!! A retard is me!!! I was in Logo's (best used book/record store inthe world) over the weekend and I saw a record called Sunchyme by Dario G. I thought, naw, it's not that trance remix of Life in A Northern Town that I wanted so bad, that was by Sunchyme and Dream Academy, this must be somethign else, and it was new and only $6.50. I bought Pet Shop Boys, Paul Hardcastle and Erasure instead! (No, I'm not gay.) Guh!!! I looked it up, of course, it's the same song, stupid napster mislabeling!! Well, there were two copies, but they're probably gone now. I can only hope that only people who shop at Logo's are hippies and punks and I'll be able ot pick it up next time I'm in Santa Cruz.

You may be off the Dorkometer if:

#7: You want to name your first son Yoda.

#8: You want to name your first daughter Megan, but you want her middle name to be Tronne.

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! They're right, I so want one, but I so can't afford one.

(thnks efg)

Happy belated birthday to Steve, he's a million and 2.

And I was shopping online for some stuff, and I decided to get Steve some PORN!!!! Here you go Steve!

Vintage porn

Very vintage porn

Very very vintage porn

Hot gay lawn slut action

Animal porn

Form blazing cock!

All the porn you you could never possibly want, enjoy!


So, while at lunch the other day (permalinks...someday man....someday.....) I saw a poster for the second issue of Project Generation: Available Now! I need to get my hands on this as soon as possible. They're still dodging around the issue that it's about cigarettes, hoping that the kids are really fuckin' dumb. I hope this doesn't mean I have to go back to the laundromat.... Of course, I suppose I could wash my clothes while I'm there.

Okey doke, I'll start with the juiciest stuff, here's the pictures that were actually from New Year's eve. Other pictures should be forthcoming and I'll fill you in on the rest of the trip, which was more um.... lucid.

Got my pictures back, I have come to the conclusion that I am a horrible photographer. Especially when I'm drunk. Of course it doesn't help that most of the time when I was snapping it was dark and I'm not sure I figured out the flash entirely but um.... yeah.

Well I should be getting those Vegas pictures back today, conveniently pre-scanned onto a Kodak CD. I haven't tried having this done before, but the scanner at work here is slower than molasses in January, so I'll find out if it's worth it.

Meanwhile, is eevryone else as jazzed about this Temptation Island thang as I am? I dont' know if I'll watch it, but I'm sure glas it exists. Family groups may be up in arms about it destroying relationships, but I mean, seriously folks... I think a great sign of a failing relationship is the words "Hey, let's go test our relationship's strenghts by beign stranded on an island with hot single people who are being paid to seduce us!" You might as well get something out of it before it crashes and burns, just like the Change Of Heart program. If some entertainment value can be squeezed from some people's doomed romance, great. If they're the kind of folks who are willing to go about their business on television, the rest of us should be able to be gain some self-importance by watching it and thinking we're better than them.

I swear, even if everyone in the world world evolves to the point where these shows and stuff like Jerry Springer has to actually search for guests instead of folks just coming to them, they should develop artificial intelligence to the point where it can realistically simulate trailer trash and ghetto fab people. I don't often find myself in front of daytime talk shows or whatnot, but when I am, I'm so into it, it's crazy. Who's the real fool here? I don't know, who gives a crap, look! the White supremacists are getting hit with chairs, whoo hoo!

So, would I go on Temptation Island? No, not that I couldn't handle the temptation. The seductresses on there don't really excite me that much, plus I mean seriously, why would anyone give up on a relationship they had any faith in for someone who was willing to go on network TV and try to steal people away from someone else. Yeah,I really want to be with an actress wannabe homewrecker. But becuase uh... spending two weeks with 3 dudes and a bunch of actress wannabe homewreckers is not my idea of a good time. I'm not one to prejudge indiscriminately, but all the people on this show, regardless of their roles, deserve what they get. And I hope it's entertaining.

And yes, of course it's all about sex, duh.

Opinions on TV shows subject to change without prior notification.