Well, I just had "the talk", and I will no loger be working here at marchFIRST. So I will probably be absent from the internet for a while. Obviously, my e-mail address will no longer be working, but I do have a few others which I can use. being the main one until I get these free ones I got with my domain working. Well, it was fun working for these guys even if the company wasn't run, shall we say... in the most ideal fashion. But, I'll have a new job before too long, I'm sure.

In other news, this weekend was alright. Ummm.... went with my friends to watch them get tattooed. Uhhh... tried to go to a party on Saturday, but it was busted beforehand. You know, I didn't really understand back in high schoool why everyone my age was disillusioned with cops, but now I do. Honestly, any direct relation I've had with law enforcement has been negative, from being hassled for doing nothing, to them not being able to bring people who have committed crimes against me or my friends to justice or for busting up parties I've gone to, where the worst thing going on was people having a good time. I mean, it's not like they stopped anyone on Saturday from doing drugs, they just stopped us from dancing. Fortunately Belinda was kind enough to lend us her apartment to hang out in, even though we had to be quiet. I can feel my respect for authority slipping away, it's too bad I'm too old to go punk now.

So yeah, hopefully I'll be able to update from wherever I can get ahols of an internet connection, but don't expect the daily updates I've done in the past. Type at you soon.