Someone have set us up your mom....

All your mom are belong to us.


oh yeah.... I'm supposed to be working on my portfolio.

I've been out of touch recently, so I don't know if everyone and their mom has blogged this already but:

The Heartmaker!

Here's mine:

Well, huh, apparently my cadre.sjsu.edu address is not working right. I've received mail there, but I cannot send it out. In the meantime, I've bitten the proverbial bullet and aqcuired a hotmail account. Oddly enough, it seems that 23 people before me have already registered ken_moodie, I mena, hey, I know I'm popular, but seriously folks. So, in the meantime (now) please send all love letters, job offers and blatant Anna Kournikova viruses to kenneth_moodie@hotmail.com.


So, I got an e-mail form Young Il Kim, who you may remember as the guy behind campusnut.com and henceforth, the mystery crush letter I complained about so long ago. At any rate, he exaplained that in fact the e-mail thing was genuine and that they did not do spam or mass mailings. And although I still don't approve of the whole process, that's pretty cool of him to take the time to respond to me.

Since then I've received a couple more such e-mails from different places, so if it's not actually just a trick to get me to input the e-mail addresses of my friends (why couldn't they just use names? honestly) then someone really does have a crush on me. So, since I'm not going to input the e-mails of my friends into web forms, if it's you sending me the e-mails, sorry, I'm never going to figure out that it's you unless you tell me.