We all know how much custom plates and custom plate frames that describe the type of car they are on (i.e. MYPRCHE or, FUNZ28) piss me off, but when the type of car they are on is a Camry (Tom & Lil's Camry), I don't know whether to be angry or just find it pathetic.


P.S. I took the test, I don't think I did that well since I'm not really much of a Windows IT guy, but I knew a few of them. It's not cheating to exchange answers with your fellow examinees is it? I mean, that's like asking for help on the job from a co-worker..... isn't it?

If you ever take someone to drink pearl tea for the first time, let 'em havea few gulps then say, "I bet you never thought fish eggs would taste so good in a drink, huh?"

Furthermore, did you know that if you pack your mouth full of those little gelatinous blobs and spit them through a straw, they will stick to most kinds of clothing? The only whiter thing I can think of doing is shoving one's chopsticks in one's nose. Let the games begin.

So, is The Flintstones really twisted or is it just me? I've seen two episodes recently, one in which Wilma is fantasizing about being sexually assaulted by a burglar, and another in which Fred hires Wilma a maid for fear the neighbors will think he is beating her when she cries about it. Yabba Dabba Domestic Violence.


Old-school web head: Remember when used to be the online home of those groovy sugar-water fruit drinks with the beads of gelatin suspended in them? That stuff was great! And I saw a bottle of it on my friend's shelf the other night within which the little balls floated serenely in their places despite not having been disturbed for at least a year. Now that's beverage engineering!

I need to learn as much as I can about PC troubleshooting before tomorrow morning, lest I be tread upon... I mean, lest I be not getting this Technical Support Representative job at EA (You know you've mailed off too many cover letters when you reflexively captalize job titles). I can make my Mac do backflips, but PC, not so much. But I really want to pass this test they're gonna give me. Funny thing is, I can't tell if it's because I really want the job or because I can't stand the thought of not doing well on a test. Well, just as long as I do better than everybody else there. Eep eep eep.


So both K. Thor and Ernie are asking for money online now. Two genuienly creative people with interesting sites that make for good reading for absolutely no money, who worked in the dot-com world and got fired now asking for money online. So, did you guys consider that maybe you're in the wrong business? I know I'm in the wrong business, shoot. Unfortunately, online entertainment doesn't seem to be my forte ( and that's forte as in "fort" not "for-tay", there's today's complaint. There's no accent over the "e" people!), the only way I get on somebody else's site is if I happen to be in the same place as Ernie.