In case you haven't seen the Pop-up ads which I'm sure you have, well... there are these pop-up ads about buying flags. "Let 'em know you're an American!", so they're guessing that they're essentially selling them as dipshit-redneck-deterrent for middle-eastern shop owners? Be careful, if you see anyone without a prominently displayed flag, THEY MIGHT NOT BE AMERICAN! Uh oh! The funny thing is, it's from Talk about diversification, I guess you can take a picture of yourself with your $20 flag using your free camera. Then you can have proof of flag ownership (and thus Americanness) in your wallet to show folks just in case you get stopped.

What a prime example of opportunism... but really... what's more American than that?

To their credit, they are giving a portion of their profits to a popular charity of your choice. The "portion" remains undefined. My advice? Be more true to your country and give the $20 to a charity.


So... flags. Flaggity flag. No, I have not stuck a flag on my car/house/self/computer/cubicle. No, it doesn't mean I don't care. No, it doesn't mean I'm not patriotic. It just means that I choose to express my patriotism by taking advantage of my rights, acknowledging my responsibilities, and respecting my fellow citizens. Honestly. aside from its status as the symbol of our great nation, the flag is not visualy appealing. I would engage in my typical tirade against mainstream ideologies (pop patriotism?). But I think this did it well enough already.

Unity is not conformity. By all means, put up a flag. But do it for the right reason.


In my opinion, I should get paid overtime for dreaming about work. Especially if I'm dreaming about trying to support a product that

A) Does not exist and

B) I wouldn't support if it did exist.