Okay, so what I need to do first is just lose the whole sense of entitlement thing.

I admit it, I had a good childhood. I didn't romp through many fields or have any Chocoalte Factory adventures or discover I inadvertantly defeated an evil magician, but I grew up white, male, straight, middle-class and right-handed if a little bit dorky and oustiderish. I always had a roof over my head, generally enough to eat, no abuse or terribly traumatic experiences.

So now things are slightly less than great, so what? Why do I feel like I deserve more than what I've got? I realize that people all over the worls are being oppressed, starving, suffering in illness, or some other generally crappy circumstance, and yet I can't shake this feeling I deserve more. Sometimes if I really concentrate I can realize that I've got it pretty damn good, considering. However, I want to realize it all the time.

Why don't they offer cosmetic personality surgery? Either implant a memory of worse conditions that I've overcome, or just remove my sense of entitlement entirely. Now fi only I had medical insurance. I think I deserve it.