So now I know how the copywriter for the Multisensory Technology Corporation feels. According to Multisensit's interpreting of the company's "About Us" page:

9.77 indifferent [senses=]

6.51 concentrating [senses=]

6.51 cheerful [senses=]

3.26 hopeful [senses=]

3.26 happy [senses=color:yellow, sound:loud, smell:fresh air, taste:sweet, touch:warm]

3.26 innocent [senses=]

3.26 peaceful [senses=]

3.26 ugly [senses=]

If this really is accurate, how can I believe in a technology their own copywriter feels indifferent towards?

So, according to the Multisensit, the emotions extracted from my last post are:

23.53 helpful [senses=]

23.53 kind [senses=]

11.76 condemned [senses=]

11.76 excited [senses=color:red, sound:loud, smell:other, taste:bitter, touch:rough]

11.76 evil [senses=]

11.76 burdened [senses=]

11.76 isolated [senses=]

11.76 cheerful [senses=]

11.76 lonely [senses=]

11.76 mischievous [senses=]

11.76 trapped [senses=]

It's eerily accurate, considering how excited I've been about my condemnation. And I've really been feeling that my loneliness and cheerfulness have been at odds.

In other words: What the hell? Is condemnation an emotion? Well, I guess it's a long way from being a virtual graphologist. Actually... I take that back, it seems just as accurate as graphology.


I think a site redesign would be a good idea. I don't even remember how long this damn thing has looked like this. First thing I should do is update my portfolio seciton though. Hoo boy. A fast internet connection has suddnly provided me with so many responsibilities!

BUt first, I wonder how my good old web comics are doing.

I think my HTML muscles have atrophied to the point wher eI can barely manage an href. Christ I need to get back in it and bad.

Well, I went to my very first Seder ever yesterday. It was good for me to have a spiritual experience. Right now, things arent' going quite as well as they possibly could in relation to employment and my personal health and finances and all that foofaraw. However, at least I'm not being forced to build pyramids all day. I can't imagine that that pays well or has medical benefits.

I like especially that they have a moment to empathize with the Egyptians for all the suffering God caused them. That's pretty solid of the Jews to include that portion of the ceremony. I think currently we could use a lot of empathy for those who we feel have wronged us.

And now for my sacriligeous thoughts:

Most of the Seder seems to be saying great things about god and what a great deity He is for freeing the Jews from slavery in Egypt, feeding them Manna, drowning their pursuers and leading the Jews to the holy land. Okay, so that's all well and good and God deserves some major props for that, however, if I remember my Exodus correctly, and I may not.

In fact, let me whip out my trusty bible guide and look up the Exodus. Okay, here we go... Yeah, God went seriously schizo on the Jews during the trek to the holy land. He threatened people with death should they not wear underwear in his tent or if they touched Mt. Sinai, made people who worshiped the golden calf kill their families, commanded death upon those who worked on the Sabbath, unleashed plagues and killed people who ate stuff besides manna. Damn. I guess He figured that if He freed these people from slavery, He could just push them around all He wanted.

Again, I guess it's just part of the whole deal to feel thankful for what you get. The whole thing struck me as very forgiving, praising God even after the messed-up stunts he pulled and feeling sympathy for the suffering of the Egyptians.

So it seems like Passover is a great excuse to be thankful for what you've got, forgive those who have wronged you, enjoy some good food and good conversation. I can dig it. That's the fun part about being an agnostic, I get to go check out the cool bits of other people's religions without having to actually go to a church or temple every day. It's like the sampler plate of faith.

And the stereotype was true, Jewish wine is super-sweet. Yum. I usually hate wine, but this stuff was like grape kool-aid. I don't know what evryone's problem is, I thought it was good.


So now I'm working as a temp. It's very strange. I get a lot of days off, which is good, but then again, I don't get paid for the days I have off, which is bad.

Today? I worked one hour. I was supposed to work four, but I got the job done in one. Oops. That's what I get for being such a great worker, I guess. Well, I did have two elementary school kids helping me, which I think sped up the process, but I can't be sure. (By the way, elementary school kids think green hair is truly amazing.)

Perhaps all this rapid change and constant adaptation to new environments will make my thinking more flexible and I will be able to be more creative. I certainly hope so.


Great, now I remember why Blogger can suck. I just typed a whole huge comeback entry and it was all deleted. Wonderful, how terribly appropriate.

Well, that's what I get for copying a URL over the clipboard of my entire Blogger entry. The URL in question is (At least that's still in the clipboard.) Which is the Google result I got from entering "Earthlink negotiation failed Macintosh" which come about after I called Earthlink about the "negotiation failed" I was getting when trying to use their DSL modem with my Macintosh. I was told to re-install MacPOeT, and that the rep would call me back in 20 minutes. Anyhow, using the instructions I found at that website, the site with the text for training the tech support reps on the what to do when someone gets a "negotiation failed" error message on their Macintosh, I fixed it on my own, which is a good thing because the guy never called me back, and I didn't want to call and wait on hold ten minutes again.

So, anyhow, I'm going to try to get back at it again, for my own mental health's sake. Feel free to observe or not. I'll probably be on AIM now more often since I have DSL at home. Look me up.