So, why is it that everytime on the news or on some show on the Discovery channel, whenever they have someone on who isn't speaking English and do a voice-over, the person doing the voice-over speaks with a thick accent? For instance, when Fidel Castro is on giving a speech, they have someone with a heavy cuban accent doing the voice-over. I mean, are they trying to trick us into thinking that they are actually speaking english? Or do they just believe that we won't accept a foriegner speakign without an accent? I dunno. People, go figure.

Man, If I was a CHP officer, I'd pull over everyone with a customized plate that went along the lines of "MYBEEMR" or "DANS4X4" and just tell them that their plate is completely stupid. Of course it's your BMW! Who the hell else's is it going to be? Of course, if I get a customized plate, it'll be witty and cool, a la "VEHICLE" or "STOLEN". Yeah, that's it... witty and cool..... yeah.