Me Rogers went to the beauiful neighborhood in the sky. I will admit that I found him slightly creepy when I got older, but that's probably because I'm so jaded I can't believe that someone could really be such a nice guy and good role model, and that's just my fault. I hope someone else can encourage imagination in tomorrow's children as well as he did.


I may be at work pretty much all the time, but least I'm being fed quite well. We get dinner paid for every night we stay until 10 or later (every night), plus our $40 per diem. Considering that we pretty much burn all of our calories by testing or complaining, it's a wonder I haven't gained more than the 130 pounds that I've put on since coming down here.

Still, I am I may not be eating healthy, so I've bought carrot sticks to eat as a snack instead of the cookies and crackers I have been eating. Still, when I actually am at home and feel like eating a snack, I'm like, "Why the fuck did I buy carrot sticks? I want some Oreos, damnit!"

You've heard of Munchasen Sydrome, right? Well, I think I may have the first documented case of Meta-Munchausen Syndrome. You see, I pretend that I have Munchausen Sydrome in order to garner sympathy.

Until I started watching TV a couple weeks ago, I had never before seen a video of a woman speaking with an undercover cop whom she believes to be a hit man she has hired to kill her husband set to humorous commentary.

Now I've seen two.

Phew! Apparently Tom Ridge has established that terrorism was not the cause of the other day's earthquakes.


I'm sure you've probably already made the connection, but here goes anyhow:

(This + this) X this = This

Ami brought Cool as Ice for us to watch last weekend. I am now officially obsessed.