If anybody got you a DOS game for Christmas: Unless you have a DOS computer, they hate you, don't talk to them any more.


Time to get dorky once again:

Final Fantasy X only has four elemental spells: Fire, Ice, Water and Lightning. Fire and Ice are opposites, meaning that they are effective against one another, as are lightning and water. This is bunk.

Water doesn't do any special damage to fire-based creatures, only ice does. Ice doesn't hurt fire. Fire is representative of heat, which overpowers cold, cold does not affect fire, it is merely the absence of heat. Water hurts fire, it smothers it and cuts off its oxygen. Cold does nothing to fire. You can start a fire at the north pole.

In FFX, lighntning and water are opposites. I don't understand this at all. Water conducts electricity fairly well. It made more sense when Earth and lightning were opposites, since earth grounds electricity.

My dorky battle-beastian proposal:

Water harms Fire (Since water smothers fire and cuts off its oxygen.)

Fire harms Ice (Since fire melts ice.)

Ice harm Bio (Since living things need warmth to live)

Bio harm Earth (Roots destroy soil and plants take nutrients from soil.)

Earth harms Lightning (Since it grounds electricity)

Lightning harms Water (No real reason, just to complete the circle.)

P.S. Doing tech support after Christmas SUCKS. Thank you.