You know, I made comments about stuff like this when I was in grade school, but man, I was just kidding!

More famous Ken's:

So according The New Hacker's Dictionary (Which is a fascinating read if you have a few years to spare), Ken refers not only to Ken Thompson, inventor of Unix, blah blah blah, but more interestingly, to mean , and let me read here... ah yes, "A flaming user", How eerily accurate is that? Yup, apparently the two biggest flamers in the Software Support group at Symblocs were both named Ken. And if there's any users who are completely flaming, I'm certainly one of them.

(Thanks to Schlock Merecenary for pointing out that one. And be careful with that NHD link, it's only HTML but it's a whopping 2.1MB file. Sigghhh... remember the days when 2.1 MB was a lot of memory?)

So, about that TMBG concert/gallery buildig sleeping thing:


Or, to make a short story long, I talked to the director of the Art department at about noon on Wednesday, and he said that there were 10 people already waiting for the 5 remaing spots. So I figured it would be pointless to sleep there, and instead stayed over at Donna's room, got up early and signed up for the waiting list. That reminds me. I need to talk to my advisor about just doing an online show. Hell, there' unlimited room in cyberspace! Ugh, I can't believe I just said that.

So I missed the concert for no reason, really. But oh well, it's not like I wont' see them again and haven't seen them 4 times already. Plus I got to spend some time with Donna, and that suits me fine.

Well, that latest Immunity Challenge from SBlog2 has been completed, parodying another contestant's or Peanut's web-site. I got a doubel blow form both Erik (AOKen) and Benjy's version of 1moredork. You know, it's odd, I write this site, and I guess people actually read it for one reason or another. But when I read it again with all teh words flipped and altered into a parody, I'm like, "Ha ha! This is funny, the creator of the original site is a boring idiot! Oh wait...." Well, props -> Benjy, that was some funny shit. Once he gets his parody filter script working, I'm sure I'll be more impressed.

Alrighty, the ladies' Vegas pictures are up. Somehow I managed to look gimpy in every single one! I don't know how one manages to look gimpy riding a mechanical bull, but I pulled it off. What can I say? It's a gift.


Yes, that is Ernie, Survivorblog-creating, Award-winning, Internet-rockstar Ernie helping me double-team a gorilla.

And that was before we got drunk.

And speaking of old people and drug usage. As I was a few... erm.... posts ago, check this out. If only economics really worked that way. Heh heh, then um.... we would all... um.... uh.... I don't know.

You ever get the feeling that maybe the only thing that's keeping you from killing every stupid asshole that pisses you off is that you're just too lazy to do it?

So I went and saw that Traffic flick last night. Man, I was thinking of visiting Mexico untli I saw what kind of grainy film quality they have down there. sheesh. It was a good flick, if a little long, but I guess it had to be to encompass all the levels of the drug traffic that it did, from the users, dealers and tracckers to the police, DEA officials and the drug czar. I don't know how realistic it was, having little experience in the drug trafficking field, but it seems kind of ridiculous to me that people are being shot over marijuna, or even cocaine and heroin. People don't need ot be killed over this stuff. I also find it ironic that for alcohol, the users are often violent and the providers bening, while the opposite is often true of illegal drugs. All I know is that I can't remember the last night I heard of someone getting high and beating their wife, or driving into a schoolbus, or shotting a television or what have you. If only all the drunks smoked out instead of getting... well... drunk, they wouldn't feel like getting violent, they'd feel like watching Scooby Doo and eating Wheat Thins. Okay, ending standard factory gen-x rant on legalizing drugs now. sorry.

The things I do for you people. Today I listened to KLOV on the way to work, the local Christian music channel. And it sounds exactly like KWAV, the local "lite rock" channel. Only you replace the word "you" with "jesus" in all the love songs, there you go.


So, since I seem to be unable to register for my 401(k) retirement plan, I've got a new plan for my golden years. I'm going to spend my children's inheritance on hard drugs and video games.

I figure by the time I'm 80-something, acid and heroin and crack will probably be legalized anyhow, or at least easier to acquire. I mean, it's not like I'm gonna get out much when I'm that old, and I won't be so concerned about melting my brian since I'll probably be senile anyhow. Hell, I'm half-senile now. So, I'm just gonna sit around the old folk's home, fry and play tetris all day. Occasionally, I'll go be an extra in a movie that requires an old man to say something that you wouldn't expect an elderly person to say, like, "My ass hurts!" or Hip hop and ya don't stop."


Man, what a strange bunch of senior citizens we're gonna make. If we make it.

It's a beautiful day in an ugly world.

You know, I seriously had a a thought-provoking, interesting, humourous and uh... world changing post all lined up in blogger before blogger ate it. No really, it was like the great American novel in blog-post form, 400 pages that would have made people treat each other with kindness and respect. But I guess nobody will ever read it now, oh well. That's life.



Okay, I was just going to talk about Cheetor some more, but it could have been... could've been.


You know, it's not so much that I'm an incredibly competent worker. I think it's mostly becuase I'm less incompetent than others.

A story I was reminded of today:

Back in high school, I sat next to a friend of mine in the back row of my American History Class. Now he wasn't the brightest guy in the world, and didn't pay too much attention in class, but I would help him out form time to time with notes and whatnot.

Anyhow, once the teacher asked him to name some of Thomas Edison's inventions, and I lent him a hand by whispering him the answers:


"pssst, say the lightbulb"

"The lightbulb!"

"the motion picture camera"

"The motion picture camera!"

"the pornograph"

"The pornograph!"

Needless to say, much hilarity ensued. So, the moral of the story is, be careful who you get your answers from, because they might just be a smartass punk like myself.


Fun instances of the suffix "-hoo" meaning "a directory or index of topics relating to prefix" (How long till the Webster's entry?):

RoboHoo - A listing of robotics resources online.

GunHoo - Also known as, no seriously.

BeeHoo - En fran├žais aussi!

JewHoo - Take a wild guess.

CelebHoo - Not naked, unfortunately.

Oddly enough, takes you straight to Yahoo. And is taken, but doesn't seem to work.

So I watched about 1/2 an hour of the Superbowl. Most notably the halftime show:

"Playing the part of Run DMC will be N'Sync"

Oh lordy lordy.

Well, I wasn't terribly interested in the dot-com's that were competing anyhow.