A sign that your in-laws might be trouble?


So, I had a pleasant birthday. Donna and I had a quiet evening together and she made me dinner and a delicious cake, which I "helped" make by dumping it out of the mold before it cooled. Duh. I spent some time with my family and fed some llamas. As for loot, I got a whole set of Powerpuff girl keychains, a candy-containing space shuttle, some yummy jelly beans, OPTIMUS FRICKIN' PRIME!!!, a plush Cthulhu doll, car insurance, and a $50 gift certificate to Toys "R" Us, which will go towards the purchase of Metal Gear Solid 2, awww yeahhh. And I encouraged my friends to make charitable donations instead of getting me presents, to help alleviate my own guilt at making scant Red Cross contributions.

I hope I'm not getting old, but my birthday really doesn't hold the same excitement that it used to. It's probably some psychological thing about raised expectations or fear of aging. Maybe I should ask for a psychiatric evaluation next year.


So, to recap from driving school:

Blinkers mean "I am planning on turning in this direction"

They do NOT mean:

1. I am halfway through changing lanes

2. I turned in that direction 15 minutes ago

3. Watch out! I'm changing lanes no matter what!

4. I'm going to turn in the opposite direction, surprise!

5. My blinker never turns off. I am old or my radio is too loud.