"Could you play some house music?"

No, I don't have any house music. I came with trance records and I don't have any house music to play. Did you bring any house records? No? Well I guess no house music will be played then. I am not being payed to play house music. In fact I am playing for free. Everybody else seems to be enjoying themselves just fine, so please don't run off in a huff after you run up, distract somebody who is already nervous and concentrating on their performance, and then yell at them over really loud beats to play music they don't have. Especially then don't ask the jungle DJ who is on next the same thing.

Really, I have nothing against house music. It's fine. I don't happen to play it when I spin records. If I were a radio DJ with a huge collection of CDs at my disposal, I may be happy to take requests. But I can only carry so many records. And furthermore I doubt the DJ of a country/western station would be glad to play hip hop music for you. If you want to hear songs you like, maybe you should buy some records.


I was considering making this into a Daily Complaint sort of blog, which I'm at least pretty sure hasn't already been tried. However, most of my complaints these days are job-related. As much I love to complain about it, I don't want to jeopardize my state of employment. I guess that, however, is a complaint in and of itself.

Was all of Konami's quality control busy with Metal Gear Solid 2, or did they really think Silent Scope 2 had decent voice acting? Holy Cow. "Now let's play Metal Gear for real!"

It's not so much that the voice acting is bad, it's that I could do better. I'm not a voice actor and I could do better. I guess terrible voice acting and bad scriptwriting is the bad translation of the CD/DVD era. A bad translation is funny, but writing so terrible that it's funny is really just kind of sad.


Boy there's nothing like Thanksgiving with your parents and your parent's high school friends shooting stories back and forth to remind you that they really did exist before you were born. Eep.