Well, apparently Windows doesn't come with a program that will let me convert screen capture .bmp files to .jpgs or .gifs. Or I may not be finding it. It's unfortunate, because featured a front-page article earlier today about Harry Potter entitles "Scorcerer's Secrets" (sic). I was about to fly off the handle about the Metal Gear Solid 2 game having a mispelling of "somersault" on the back of the case until I looked it up and found that "summersault" was an acceptable alternate spelling.

So I saw the Harry Potter film last night. Eh, it's okay. Yes that's right, it's okay. If you've read the book, it's basically a big-screen visualization of the stuff that happens. If you haven't read the boo, it will probably seem very abrupt and disjointed. It's fairly true to the book, but as a result we are rushed from scene to scene in order to jam as much stuff in as possible. It was neat to see quidditch in action, even if the scene was reminiscient of The Phantom Menace's pod race. The computer effects were so-so, and pretty obviously computer-y when they involved people being bounced around on brooms or troll heads. My major issue was the sound editing. Often, when scenes change, the sound abruptly cuts out and we are left with a very jarring transition. I know it's a pedantic nit to pick, but well, I'm pedantic. And there were some continuity issues that I guess can be conveniently explained by magic.

Spoiler: Does it not seem oddly ironic that the bad guy is be-turbaned white guy?

Thursday - unupdated - unupdated - unupdated

Well, it's a good thing I have work to do, or else I might be bored.

Now don't get me wrong, Metal Gear Solid 2 is an excellent, excellent game in pretty much every respect, but a few things are odd about it. But isn't the political preaching just a little too heavy-handed? And not that I don't love a great plot, but they may want to ease up on the exposition just a little. I mean, 500 pages worth of text a little much? I love a good read as much as the next guy, but not on a television, yeesh. What would have been nice is to get an actual book with the game. Aw yeah. When was the last time anyone did that? Weird Dreams? Man that was a freaky game. Hard mo fo, too. Damn knifey girl big crazy eat-me ball piano turkeys.


Faces Of Love - Photograph yourself and your partner's faces while making love and you can win $500!!! And all that it costs you is some film, postage, and the indignity of everybody laughing at the crazy grimace you make when engaged in getting busy. I'm not even going to go into exactly how you're supposed to concentrate on photographing oneself in the midst of coitus, unless someone else is photographing you, and then ugh.... just check out the clipart faces at the top right and left of the main page. now imagine someone making that face in the sack. *bbbbrrrrrr*

Everyone at work says I look like Meg Ryan. I don't know how to respond to that.