Oh, and also, in the spirit of the Ernie raosting:

Let it be known that Ernie humps cows.

So, Ernie's huge birthday bash. It was cool, I don't know if it's dedicated weblog cool, but cool nonetheless. I missed out of most of the scandalousness (actual word? well it is now) since I was either DJing or passed out on the couch (sleep-deprivation only, honestly) for most of the party. Plus, I left early due to the aforementioned sleep-deprivation.

"Are you okay to drive?"
Yeah, I'm just tired
"Shouldn't you wait a while first?"
No, I'm not on anything, I'll be more tired if I wait.

It was a little scary spinning records again, especially for a big crowd of mostly strangers who seemed to be more club kids than raver kids. But thanks to Ernie for coming yelling and screaming a two-stepping downstairs when I put on Heart of Asia. It was definitely fun, and also mad props to MJ and roomies for once again letting all her friends trash the Magellen house. Happy 25th Ernie!