Depressing: Which are there less of in San Francisco? Web design jobs or parking spaces?

Slightly less depressing: Why exactly was professor Utonium trying to make the perfect little girl? (Credit to Donna, I must admit)


P.S. If even one person still reads this with any regularity at all, please e-mail within the week so I know I should still bother.

"3. I Hate You, I Love You -- techno? i don't know why, but i like this a lot. a hundred times better than the original "
- Joe Jack Talcum

Therefore, you should go buy the Dead Milkmen tribute album "Flogging a Dead Cow" right now! If you like the Dead Milkmen, and a Dead Milkman likes my cover of his song, then you will like my cover of his song so much it'll make you mess yourself. I think that's a fairly logical assumption right? And if you don't believe me, and I know you don't, you can hear an mp3 here.