Well, today for some reason the wireless is going respectably speedy., at least with most sites. Probably one of the tenants was downloading huge files or something. I wonder how they divide up the bandwidth?

Anyhow, yesterday I spent my 15 minutes on dull portfolio updates, since I'm trying to re-establish an online resume. Yesterday I worked a little bit on music, which was pretty much just adjusting levels and extending some parts of the song I thought wrapped up too quickly.

Usually with music I'm loathe to repeat the same phrase more than once in a song but then things end up being only 2 minutes long, and covering 3 or 4 different musical styles. I'm trying to be more comfortable with sticking with a phrase for a while or more than once. It doesn't always have to deliver something new all the time. I shouldn't assume my audience's attention span is as short as my own.


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