So, in case you haven't noticed, this blog is currently not published while I'm not at work.

Now now, control yourselves, I'm sure you can find somethign else to amuse you.

Oh shit.

Someone has got the asian female youth market nailed down.
"Now if only there were a way to combine their love of Disney characters with wacky dance party games. hmmm...."

*Guards head from flying rotten vegetables.*

(Thanks to Shannon for the link)

Incidentally, one of these things is not like the other.

So today is annual, international World AIDS Day, and in observance, many people with weblogs are observing by participating in the Day With(out) Weblogs, a hip, online version of the Day With(out) Art.

Now I don't mean to disrespect at all, but it seems to me tha that kinda is opposite of what should be going on. World AIDS Day should be a day to spread awareness of AIDS/HIV instead of clamming up. Granted, the Day With(out) weblogs says that alternately, instead of taking the suggested route of posting up a graphic which links back to the DWW main page, one could put up a page with AIDS-related links, which seems like a good idea, considering the uh... DWW home page doesn't contain any links to AIDS-related resources online.

Remember folks: Silence = Death

There's still a lot of ignorance out there. Those on the side of reason have the most powerful opponent in the world: stupidity. And stupidity never shuts up.

I'd uhhh.... like to apologize to the viewing audience for that outburst. Originally this was meant to be a way for HTN to maintain a more up-to-date news section. So it was Steve and myself, but I changed it to my personal one, since Blogger at the time was not letting me create a new weblog. Sorry bout dat.

Cockwad! This is my weblog now, get off! Get your own!


omg, is this thing on? ::tap tap:: whoa, whoa.. nice shooting there tex! so, uh, you come here often? fix my link, you dork-o-crat, you f* it up! oh, and what color is your hair? omg, is this supposed to be a public forum? i am adressing thousands upon thousands? LOL. yeah, right! i have been termed.. this is not tryptophanman at all!

You know, it'd be great if the president really did do this. Then I might actually give a rat's ass about him.

So Monkeydyne has this new Red Meat Construction Set. dilio up now. Now you can make your own version's of Max Cannon's high-contrast, high-humour comic strip without getting ink all over your hands. Unfortunetely you need to register with Monkeydyne in orer to have yours published online. Heh heh, but they didn't count on the power of screen grab!

(Link from

I got my finger stuck in my paperclip dispenser....

Hey, I just said there'd be comedy, i didn't say it'd be quality

Okay, so you want to know why I'm really not impressed by David Blaine's popsicle stunt?

  • As Penn Jillette said, he's insulated against the cold by the layer of air between himself and the ice. His own body heat warms it up, much in the same manner that an igloo works.
  • He's just standing there, that's not very entertaining.
  • Honestly, staying out night after night in below-freezing temperatures without enough to keep warm with. Isn't that something that every homeless person in New York does every night in the winter? Admittedly, they may not have the physique that Blaine does, but there's less of a crowd to get through.

*sniff* *sob* nobody likes me!!!!

Well, that's not true, but that is extremely clever and assholish thing for Campusnut to do. And the sad thig is, it worked.... I went to their site and registered for their services and uh.... added the names of their entire staff to a list of crushes. Guess what, Young Kim, somebody has a crush on you! Ha ha, motherfucker. Now I'm off to register him at

See, it always pays to be cynical, otherwise I might have registered the e-mails addresses of people I actually like!

So what?

I don't know about the rest of you, but when a magician encases himself in ice, or a safe or submerges himself in water or whatever, when they open that sucker up, there better be a beautiful scantily clad woman inside! or a tiger!


There, you freakin' whiny PC users, it's easier to read. Should I use smaller words and more pictures, too?

Min Jung: you just have to make me blush again.

SuboKen:: *zzzzzzzzziiiiiip*

SuboKen:: *whump*

SuboKen: will that work?

Well, that's how most girls react, really.

Usually a whole lot more fascinating is going on in my life, seriously. With car chases and shower scenes and full frontal nudity and gunplay and exciting camera angles and slow-mo shots and everything. I just knew that I soon as I had an outlet for it all, the action and drama would cease.

So I saw that Unbreakable flick last night. That Bruce Willis fellow doesn't excite me too much but I guess Mr. Shyamalan likes him for some reason. All in all,I liked it, but I don't think anyone else I went with did. It was teetering on boring and teetering on dumb but every now and then something so odd would that it kept me interested. It was an exercise in understatement, I think. From Bruce Willis' non-acting to all the wrecking trains and exploding airplanes that we don't ever actually see. And I for one, love seeing trains wreck and airplanes as much as the next guy, but I think for this film the implication worked more so than actual delivery. I guess Shyamalan's genre is gonna be modern-day treatments of supernatural occurences starring Bruce Willis.

It's not done yet! Okay?!





People ask the question "What woudl you do if you had a million dollars?" an awful lot, they throw it around at parties and on dates nd what not, and people hem and haw and talk about charities and dream houses and investments and stupid crap like that. There was a point in my life when I would have thought about it for maybe more than a second, but now I can answer with complete certainty that I would buy this.

Thanks to Penny Arcade for the link.


Excuse me!? I would like to state for the record that Ernie said I was only the second most gay straight guy he knew on Friday. What have I done to get promoted?

You know, this Love Calculator thing is eerily accurate:

George Bush - 5%

Al Gore - 46%

Ralph Nader - 75%

Hostess Pies - 94%

I would like to change my vote.

Alright! Freakin' finally! So, now I've got myself a webpage, with pretty much zero content, although I certainly do intend to add in um... stuff. over the next few weeks. Unless I get bored with the whole concept of blogging, which is a possibility. Okay, enough introductory stuff, I know what y ou guys want.

So, my life today: As Ernie so delicately put it, my Mackability Index just went up by a factor of 10. See, I get this e-mail that says, "You have a secret admirere, follow this link to find out who it is!" And so, naturally, I follow the link and find this webpage that wants me to register and plug in the e-mail of everyone I know to see if this secret admirer is on the list.

Well, I'm not one to give out the e-mail address of everyone I know to some campus website, but there's also a Love Calculator on this particular site. The e-mail said that whoever sent this particular missive got a love rating of 72%. So now I'm plugging in the name of every single person I know to see who comes up with a 72% match. And as I'm doing this, I'm thinking, "Boy, this site sure is getting a ton of page views from me." And I was reminded of a certain virus.

And yet I continue to plug in names, and variations on names. Turns out my friends rate anywhere between 96% and 2% compatibilty with myself, based solely on our names, somehow. Unless this calculator has access to a vast database of material on myself and my mates. Hmmm...

So, let me just see if this new-fangled contraption is working...