So that last post, uh... that took way too long to fix. Good thing Ernie showed me what "safe mode" was for. Now I shouldn't have nearly so many fucked-up posts. There sohuld still be plenty of typographical errors, though. So, you can sitll all feel superior to me. Don't worry. In fact. I'm not even going ot go back and fix that misspelt "still". Hey look, I spelt "to" wrong as well. Dang.

So I had this dream last night that I was looking through the old records section of a vinyl store. The section was labelled "Jems", which I thought was appropriate. Not "gems", mind you, but "Jems". So then I was pregnant for some reason and had to give birth to 5 kids, 3 girls, 2 boys in the back alley behind the store. A few of them were already about 2 years old and clothed, plus they boys looked kinda like My Buddy. Anyhow, the funny part is that for some reason, I thought "Enema" was good name for a girl.

I think the dream was trying to tel me that I'm in no way ready for fatherhood any time soon. I dunno, though. I'd always make sure my kids had the biggest and best toys, and that they never threw them away! But then again, I probably wouldn't let them open them.


So, while getting my Vegas photos developed at Target the other day, I needed to buy some nail clippers, toothpaste and deoderant, and well, gee I sure didn't have any bandaids, so I had to get some Poerpuff girl bandaids and erm... boy that Scooby-Doo bodywash looks kinda cool and *sniff* smells good, too! Plus there's those Powerpuff girls room stickers, which I could decorate my cube with, and just so I don't feel too emasculated, I'll buy that Transformer I saw aorund Christmastime.

That being Magmatron, who is labelled on the package as being a special release of a Japanese transformer, well.... correc tme if I'm worng, bt arent' allt he transformers originally Japanese? Ohw ell, anyhow, I had to get this guy cause he had the highest difficulty rating of any other transformer and let me tell you, that son of a bitch was tough. He's composed of three dinosaurs that form together into one admittedly really wicked-looking giant robot. I don't know how people not only think of theis stuff, but manage to create working prototypes. Dayum, but these guys have come a long way, although I still must say I prefer them turning into cars as opposed to dinosaurs and other various beasties.

And on this note, holyshithowcoolwouldthisbe!? I've always wondered why they never made a Unicron toy. Probably becuase it'd have to be bigger then your house to be to scale. Still, I'll take anything, cause man, he's fuckin' Unicron! He seems to be missing his trademark bat-wing thingies, but it'd sure be nice if you pressed a button and he spoke with Orson Welles voice.

Mad props to Kodocha Anime for sending me the first 32 episodes of Kodoma No Omocha with a quickness, and for fansubbing the thing in the first place. Anyone who can translate Sana-chan's rapid-fire speech got some serious nihongo skillz.

If you haven't ever seen or heard of it, and you probably haven't. Kodomo No Omocha (Child's Toy) Is the most insane thing ever comitted to magnetic tape. It's supposed to be for kids, and the first episode is called "I'm a grade-school girl with a pimp!" Sound fucked? Yeah, it is. But it's also frickin' awesome in all regards.


Well, I gotta blog this before Ernie beats me to it. It's refreshing to know that there are still places in America where racism is not only alive and well, but out in the open and celebrated.

I survived.

I came back a lot poorer, a little wiser, and a little heavier.

Expect a more detailed report once I get pictures and whatnot together and piece together the events.