I don't know if I've complained about this before, so bear with me.

Okay, so the music indutry has the PMRC and the "Explicit content" label.

The internet and video games have the ESRB and their ratings system.

Films have the MPAA and their familiar ratings.

But what is there for books? I mean, not that I nessecarily agree witht he policies and practices of the aforementioned acronymical groups, but I endorse ratings systems to warn customers and parents of potentially offensive or disturbing or inappropriate material. Some books have all the situations and language one might find in the most graphic R-rated film or most lyrically intense album. Consider the works of Irvine Welsh, or William Burroughs. Both have great books, but the content is certianly not for children. And the "adult" works of Roald Dahl show that you cannot rely on an author's reputation alone.

Furthermore, why is there no ratings system for people?



Hey kids, try this one: If you're pulling up to a stoplight, or to another car stopped in traffic. Try stopping a few feet more than nessecary behind them. Then, after a few more cars have come to a stop behind you. Pull forward about a foot. Watch everyone behind you pull forward one foot! Do it again, repeat as often as is practical. See how much effot the people behind you expend to gain a few irrelevant inches of ground!