I was just trying to google some reference images for fish tanks, and I find the tale of the redneck neighbor, which chronicles a pretty severe awful neighbor story. It's made all the weirder by the fact that another neighbor decided to obsessively document every stupid thing his neighbor did on the internet, with pictures; some apparently taken from on the guy's property.


After roughly 4 years off the wheel I recently purchased myself a btand new unicycle, the 2007 Torker LX. This is the first time I've owned a current (or future) model year vehicle. Though the LX turned out to be designed for a 6-foot tall person, but a litle hacksaw action and the seat no longer damages my balls.

I took it into work and was scolded by the HR manager, but really it's easier to hurt oneself on a bicycle. The lead designer is also an ex-one wheeler, with about a decade off, though I was surprised to find that ew both were able to get on and ride with little trouble. It's just like riding a bike, only less so.

Some of my coworkers asked me if I could do any tricks. I cannot. I guess I consider simply being able to ride a unicycle in and of itself a trick. I certianly am nowhere near the level of this kind of stuff.