Regarding Enterprise:

What is up with Starfleet having all these captains that don't bother to tell Starfleet what they're doing ever? Always going off on crazy rescue missions and whatnot without approval from higher command. Granted, they generally end up saving the day. Maybe it's part of Starfleet's policy to appoint rebellious ship captains. I was kind of hoping that the captain's (I forget his name, that's the trouble with using Bakula, I guess, he's just.... Bakula!) actions would turn out to be the cause of the Human-Klingon conflict in TOS, but it was not to be.

If the Klingons are spacefaring, why hadn't the Vulcans incorporated their language into the universal translator?

Hands down one of my all-time least favorite theme songs of all time. It had lyrics for crying out loud! STAR TREK THEME SONGS DON'T HAVE LYRICS!

And as for T'Pol, I got two words for you: Pon Farr. I bet they've got that episode written already.

All in all, that was the weirdest episode of Quantum Leap I've ever seen.


Does this remind anyone else of that awful "erotic" turkey-stuffing scene from The Big Hit?

I've got to admit though, if you want cooking lessons, it might as well be from a cute nude lady.

What's that, you want to learn all about the state of the Bay Area housing market?

Well, this illustrates it quite nicely I think.

"Yo, Bill! You still owe another quarter-ounce for this month's rent!"


Okay, so the thing about working at a job where you don't really have the leisure to surf all manner of inappropriate websites, is that if I'm not going to talk about my job or talk about my personal life then I don't really have that much to talk about.

Well, I did go and see the bestest band in the world twice last week, so that was good since I missed them on their last tour. I dropped off a copy of Hence The Name's album with their sound guy, so hopefully they listened to it and will convince Restless to sign us to their label. (Yeah, right) Oh, I also updated Hence The Name for the first time in like, 9 months or so.