I worked 100 hours last week. I haven't had a day off in the past 2 week, thus I am resorting to AIM conversation content. Deal.

ami : i think i know how mullets originated
SuboKen: by accident
ami : well, it all began before the time of hair salons
ami : when people cut each others hair...without cosmotology licenses
ami : it was a brutal, primative time
SuboKen: ohhh neolithic stylezz
ami : one day, there was a man, in his early thirties,
ami : who was alone
ami : the rest of the clan had lef t hunting for the day
ami : he was laone
ami : alone
ami : and looking in a piece of obsidian,
ami : noticed his hair was dang long
ami : so he took a sharpened cave man tool
ami : and cut off the front of his hair while looking in the mirror
ami : er, obsidian
ami : when he was done, it appeared that his hair was now short and sassy
ami : but in his pathetic neolithic mind, he did not realize
ami : the BACK was still long!
ami : The rest of the clan came back
ami : they had killed some caribou and a rabbit
ami : and a doormouse
ami : and a chicken
ami : they took one look and Mhyhkelou (that's the main character)
ami : and said,
ami : "bitchin 'do, man!"
ami : "what we particularly like is how you left the back long!"
ami : "huh?" said Mhyhkelou.
ami : they held up another mirror so he could see the back
ami : and lo!
ami : he had a mullet
ami : and lived happily ever after
ami : Fin.
SuboKen: that is the most awesome story I have heard all week.


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