Mow your lawn, spelunk your navel, hi-lite the *entire* textbook.

Well, I applied to be a tester at EA, which I really hope I get to do, although it doesn't pay much, wouldn't that just be the best? Plus I think I'd be extremely good at it. Shoot, lord knows I critique all my games for free usually.

Hi Rhea! Look, I'm updating my blog, update update update.

And Ernie and I tried out to be on.... The Weakest Link. I wasn't memorable enough with my introduction I guess, but Ernie made it, the lucky bastard. Of course, I should've just let him to his introduction and then just grabbed the Mike from him and punched him in the face, "That's how competitive I am! And I *liked* him, RARRRGGHH!!!" I think that's more what they were looking for.