Dammit! That dirty fucker Gabe got the Pac-Man arm-band tattoo that his comic-strip persona sports. That was mine, and he knows it! I was planning on getting a Pac-Man arm-band tattoo, and noticed that his "Gabe" character had one, so I e-mailed him and asked, "Hey real-life Gabe, do you have a Pac-Man arm-band tattoo in real life? 'Cause I was thinking of getting one, but I want it to be unique." And Gabe never wrote me back and probably started scrambling right away to get one so that then I wouldn't, and he woul dbe the sole owner of a Pac-Man Arm-Band tattoo. Scheming bastard. Now I'm never going to get a tattoo. *sniff*

Oh well, Pac-Man's kind of played out as the general catch-all video game mascot anyhow. It's not like I'm a Pac-Man enthusiast in particular. Too bad a lot of the good stuff has already been done. Plus I hear tattoos hurt.

Video-Game Tattoos The first chick is hot, but that's a pretty weak tattoo.
Sonic and Knights Tattoos
Mario Tattoo
Luigi Tattoo Same guy, dope.
Triforce Tattoo
Holy Shit Zelda Car and Tattoo
NES Pantheon Tattoo


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