What is currently making me mad:

As much as I loath to resort to calling things Orwellian, the concept of a Free Speech Zone is pretty Goddamn Orwellian. Especially when it results in someone having federal charges made against them for holding up a "No Blood for Oil" sign.

That's almost as fucked-up as the DEA stopping a NORML benefit concert with the RAVE act. I've got a great idea. How about a few people go to the Republican National capitalization on the horrors of 9/11 Convention and spark up some jays? Maybe we could get the DEA to fine to GOP. Better yet, gate-crash Sen. Joe-Biden's birthday party and start doing lines off of his cake. Maybe he'll get fined, or maybe the RAVE act is just a way to allow cops to intimidate anyone who might be having an event they don't like. Could be...

And speaking of 9/11, have you yet seen the video footage of Bush sitting on his ass for five minutes after being informed that the second tower of the WTC has been struck? I mean, yeah okay, I didn't do anything either, but I'm not the president of the entire fucking United States!! Couldn't he mobilize a task force or launch fighters, or get the fuck out of the room and hightail it to an undisclosed location since terrorists were plane-bombing a bunch of high-profile buildings? I don't know whether I'm disappointed more by his complacency or apparent lack of self-preservation instincts.

Then again, doesn't he seem to have the look of someone who just heard, "Don't worry, everything is going according to plan."? That ought to give the conspiracy theorists something to chew on.

What is currently making me happy:

Executive branch notwithstanding, the U.S. judicial system seems to be not entirely devoid of reason yet. Texans are now free to suck dick, lick pussy, give handjobs, titty- and butt-fuck to their heart's content. I have a feeling the streets of Dallas will be deserted tonight.

Also, the USPS's suit against Running With Scissors for having the audacity to name their ultra-violent game "Postal" was dismissed, presumably in part because the game had nothing to do with the U.S. Postal Service, or mail-delivery at all, and that "postal" is just a word in the dictionary like any other.

(links via,, metafilter, and gamefaqs)


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