Due to the abuses outlined in my last post, the DEA has issued some clarifications as to how exactlt he RAVE act should be used. As in, not the threaten legitimate venue-owners, but to shut down events like the ones described here: (DEA spokesmand Will) Glaspy said some unscrupulous promoters falsely advertise concerts as drug-free and alcohol-free; when the teens show up, they are offered drugs and are packed into hot, poorly ventilated areas. Bottled water may be sold for $10. A few concertgoers a night generally end up in the hospital with dehydration or drug overdoses, he said. Whooooaaa! I've never seen or heard about a party that fucked-up. I sure hope anyone trying to pull off such a scheme gets arrested. Too bad such a thing would never actually happen. I mean, if I showed up at a purportedly drug-free event and the promoters started trying to sell me drugs and charge me $10 for a bottle of water, I'd call the cops on them myself.


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