It's been about a week since this Mirror article interviewing murderers soldiers Sargeant John Meadows and Corporal Michael Richardson talking about how they routinely shoot Iraqi civilians, and I've yet to see it picked up by any of our liberal media outlets here in the U.S., only internationally, or in blogs has it been reported. I'm really wondering if these two have been punished for admittedly shooting non-combatants (or more likely, punished for admitting to shooting non-combatants) or whatever.

I can understand how in the heat of battle, and amongst enemies who are not nessecarily dressed as soldiers, who often revert to guerilla or suicidal tactics, it can be hard to distinguish between people who are trying to kill you and innocent civilians, but since we're supposed to be the good guys and all, wouldn't it be good to show a little more judgement, or maybe remorse?

"There was no dilemma when it came to shooting people who were not in uniform, I just pulled the trigger.

"It was up close and personal the whole time, there wasn't a big distance. If they were there, they were enemy, whether in uniform or not. Some were, some weren't."
Maybe I haven't played Doom enough, but that seems like the callous ramblings of a trigger-happy psycho. I really hope that this isn't a typical example of our troops' mindsets.


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