Way to go judicial system! The 9th circuit court of appeals struck down an attempt by the DEA to... get this... put a ban on foods containing hemp, which we all know is a relative of the deadly mind-poison cannabis, much in the same way that poppyseeds are very closely related to heroin, but I'm guessing DEA operatives like to eat bagels more than energy bars. Anyhow, the ban was wisely struck down. I love the DEA's reasoning on this one, too:
"DEA attorney Daniel Dormont told the appeals court that the agency banned food made with hemp because there is no way of knowing whether some of the products may get people high. "

Get that? Not whether or not the products may be dangerous, but whether they might get you high, and I for one have tried smoking enough herbal shampoo to agree wholeheartedly with the hemp sellers:
"Hemp food sellers insist their products do not contain enough THC to get anyone high."


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