Activision is suing Viacom for "letting the Star Trek franchise stagnate".

Apparently the fact that nobody really cares about Star Trek any more is causing sales of the related games to slip. I'm a little surprised that Acitvision didn't see this coming a while ago. I mean come on, the theme song of "Enterprise" has lyrics. If that's not a bad sign for the Star Trek series, I don't know what is.

It's sad that Activision really missed a great opportunity for what coudl have been an extremely successful game. Okay, what's one of the biggest PC gmaes going right now? Star Wars Galaxies, which is a MMORPG set in the Star Wars mythos. If there's one thing that Star Trek always had going over Star Wars was that it had an enormous, deep, and obessively cataloged universe. Why, oh why, wasn't there a Star Trek online multiplayer game? The franchise lends itself perfectly to such a genre. Activision should have concentrated on that, rather than making first-person shooters set in the Star Trek world. I just know there are lots of die-hard Trekkers out there who are just dying to live out their sci-fi fantasies online. They show up to the movies dressed as characters, for crying out loud, they need a role-playing outlet.

Too bad Activision didn't consult with me first.


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