If I could go back in time to the early 90's, and tell early 90's me about the early 00's, I would tell him these ten things:

  1. "Fads" are now known as "memes", as are "ideas" and "trends".
  2. "Slow-motion", and even the contracted, "Slo-mo" are now re-named "bullet-time".
  3. "Game shows" are now known as "Reality TV".
  4. George Bush is president (only a different one).
  5. There is war in Iraq (only a different one).
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog games are playable on a Nintendo console.
  7. AOL has gone from offering 10 free hours to 1045 free hours.
  8. Cars do not fly and still typically run on gasoline.
  9. Nearly every noteworthy comic book or video game franchise will be turned into a movie.
  10. Bravo will be more willing to show controversial programming than MTV.


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