What with it recently being Garfield's 25th birthday and all, a lot of people are taking this time to disparage the gluttonous feline, saying the strip isn't funny and never was. Thoguh it is true that Garfield almost always is completely unfunny and has been recycling the same lame gags for two decades (Garfield eats a lot, is misanthropic, and is smarter than his owner), I used to read through Garfield books as a kid and laughed my ass off at them occasionally. Inside the piles of pointless, repetitive lasagna jokes there were some that, for one reason or another, were really fuckin' funny. Maybe it's just the odds that no one could put out such an extreme volume of comic strips without producing some gems, but there they were. Usually it was due to a complete non-sequiter, bizarre drawing, or somethign that seemd out of place in the Garfield mythos. Comix Eccentricity compiles a collection of out-of context Garfield panels that illustrate some really humorous moments. Look upon them, and then tlel me that Garfield is never funny. (I apologize for sending you to a Tripod page, but if you're not used to playing the whack-a-pop-up game, you need to surf more porn.)


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