Ways in which Def Jam Vendetta could have been improved.

The aforementioned maturity level could have been raised.

When in Tag Team or Handicap (one vs. three) mode, the only indication of the opponent one's character is that the character faces him. When the opponents are near one another, it can be difficult to tell which one the character's focused on. This can be frustrating if the user is trying to whittle down the health of a particular enemy, which is the best strategy for winning, since only one opponent need be defeated to win. Instead, there should be a visual indicator such as an arrow above the targeted opponent's head.

When grappling with an opponent, if the opponent begins to throw the user's character, the user can repidly press the L and R buttons to try and reverse the throw. However, at a certain point in the throw, the character can no longer reverse it, however, the user is probably still mashing the buttons desperately in an attempt to reverse the throw. This hurts one's fingers. It woudl be beter if there was a consistent visual indication as to when the throw was no longer reversible, or a "reversal meter", much like there is for the escape meter when pinned. Then, if the user's character is so weakend that a reversal is virtually impossible, the user will not waste their own precious energy on button-mashing when it's not necessary.


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