My co-workers were discussing how glad they were that some Al-Quaida-linked terror suspects had been apprehended in Spain. One of them commented that it most likely had been due to government officials secretly reading people's e-mail. I asked if he was okay with that, and he replied that as long as it catches terror suspects, he didn't mind Uncle Sam peeking at his e-mails. "If you're not doing anything wrong, you've got nothing to hide!", he said.

"Everybody has something to hide.", I told him. I believe this to be true. I find people's complacency with such blatant privacy invasion to be profoundly disturbing.

Although I find the idea of some poor CIA workers digging through and examining every single piece of suspect e-mail patently ridiculous, I have determined a system which will allow me to send e-mails freely without fear of them being read by unintended third parties. So, just to give you all advance notice, from now on, all my subject lines will read: "*|)eep Thr0ats* - 1000+ 0raL Vide0 Cl|ps".


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