Here I am at work on Super Bowl Sunday. That's fine with me.

Ami came down to visit me this weekend, so my mood has improved considerably. Most everyone at work was taking today off to watch the game, and I didn't particularly care for this plan since I could care less about the Superbowl and Ami was leaving Sunday, so I'd rather have had Saturday off so that I could spend it with her. Fortunately, I managed to finagle my way into doing just that, so I'm working today, and my wo-workers are gonna have to scome in after the game anyway. Nyuk! 'Course, that means I'll probably have to stay late tonight, but whatever.

Yesterday Ami and I went off to Long Beach to see the Queen Mary, specifically the Ghost and Legends of the Queen Mary tour, which was way cheesier and cooler than I had expected. The thing about amusement facilities in Southern California is that there are a lot more aspiring actors down here, so any sort of thematic tour guide really takes his of her job a lot more seriously. So our tour guide was into it, and it was very fun. This little kid on the tour was not into it, though and cried pretty much the entire time. I don't blame him, every time we reached a site of paranormal significance, we actually saw spectral shit happening! Like the lights went out, and there were crazy lights and stuff moved around and everything. What are the chances? And some people say there is no such thing as ghosts, pah!

Ami and I also managed to make it to the Crystal Cathedral, home of the Hour of Power television program. Wow, that place is really something. From the sample family burial plots, to the graven images of Dr. Robert Schuller to the statues of biblical VIPs (Moses even has a permanently burning bush!) this place really embodies some of the most appaling aspects of modern Christianity. Fortunately, it seemed very poorly patrolled, so we were allowed to move about and mock everything with a fair amount of freedom. I'd really love for Jesus to return some day and make his first stop the Crystal Cathedral. He could just bust in during the Hour of Power and yell, "What the Hell is this? Did you people even read my word? You just don't get it, do you?!" and then bombard the whole thing with meteors. That would be awesome. Jesus kicks ass.

So as far as the Superbowl itself goes: I hope the Raiders win, because otherwise I think their fans will riot and destroy San Diego utterly. Of course, that might still happen if the Raiders win. As much as I hate to make sweeping generalizations about Raiders Fans, the fact remains that they are all insane and want to kill you.

So, as you may have surmised, I'm not a big pro football, or big pro any sport fan. Call me crazy, but I don't really car to invest a whole lot of my emotional energy into the outcome of a bunch of burly strangers tossing a ball around. And I'm certainly not oging to spend money on such a thing. Do you know how much cash I save each year by not giving a rat's ass about pro sports? $12,500. It's true, I did the math.

This is not to say I don't have appreciation for sports. Sports are totally fun. Watching sports, however, is dull. Call me crazy, but I'd rather actually play football than sit on a couch and watch other people play it. Now, when Mutant League Football becomes a reality, then you can count me in.


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