Even though a Bloggy sounds like what happens when you so sick that you vomit up gobs of your own phlegm that you've swallowed, I want one. It's not enough that I was the Super Fabulous Big Blogger #1. I want more! More, dammit!

I'm hoping for Most Humorous weblog, Best-Kept Secret Weblog or Best Heterosexual Weblog. What? There is no Best Heterosexual Weblog category? I'm shocked! Maybe I should boycott these proceedings which clearly practice sexual orientation discrimination!

Well, It's a good thing I don't have to worry about accepting any prizes from this heterophobic organization. Maybe I can pick up an Anti-Bloggy for Most Whiny or Biggest Sense of Entitlement or Most Tangentially Involved With Big-Name Bloggers.

Barring Bloggies and Anti-Bloggies, I hope I at least win a Blumpy.


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