Hold on to your hats, celebrity burnout Ozzy Osbourne says that now that his own son has gone into rehab for treatment for his OxyContin addiction, he believes that marijuana is a gateway drug.
"One thing leads to another. Coffee leads to Red Bull, Red Bull leads to crank.
Well, I certainly can't argue that the argument that coffee drinking eventually leads to doing methamphetamines (actually, I went from methamphetamines to Red Bull to coffee, but I guess the process works both ways) is about as solid as the argument that smoking pot eventually leads to OxyContin addiction(you'll forgive me if I don't believe that Jack Osbourne had what I would call a "typical" teenager experience). However, I really do hope that the anti-marijuana propogandists really latch onto Ozzy as a spokesman. "I did drugs all my life, and now I'm nothing more than a rockstar millionaire with his own show on MTV about me trying to take out the garbage. Just say no." It should be just as successful as KISS telling the kids not to do drugs. I'm sorry, but it's simply not possible to rock and roll all night in addition to partying every day without using stimulants.

Although I certainly hope that Jack overcomes his problem with OxyContin, this shouldn't be used as a case for marijuana as some sort of evil key to unlocking the dark hardcore drug desires within our hearts. Some people are more prone to take hard drugs, some aren't. Some people like to smoke pot, some don't. The two groups are not one and the same.


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