Alright, I'm seeing it enough to start counting, plus it's like a little game.

Spot the Typo 1: (AP) Reubens Case
Spot the Typo 2: (Reuters) Kasparov Vs Deep Junior

About the whole Kasparov/Deep Juniot chess competition: Isn't there a point at which the computer can calculate any and all possible moves, and the moves to counter them? In other words: Isn't there a point where DJ will become impossible to defeat?

I think so, and I think it doesn't matter. Some people just love impossible challenges. For instance, one of the designers at work recently asked us to try out one of the levels to see if we, as professional gamers, could finish it. Of course we had to have a little competition to see who could finish it first.We could not. Later, the designer told us that the level was, in fact, impossible. This did not stop us from trying to finish it. We would always die at the same place (if we made it that far), and then try again. For me personally, it is because, like Steve Martin, I try to do at least one thing every day that is impossible.


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