An amusing anecdote which I somehow did not mention because I forgot. Now that it's no longer the "cool thing" to do to discuss airport security and reveal person nail clipper anecdotes, I will reveal to you a pre-9/11 (I really hope a better term than that is adopted soon) example of airport security ineptitude.

Before an otherwise really cool party in San Francisco in which it was lost, I had a really cool black microfiber jacket of which I was extremely fond. I stored many items in this coat, such as stamps, pens, paper, rubber bands, and a switchblade comb. You know the one I mean, those novelty combs which for all intents and purposes look like a genuine switchblade knife until you press the button and *flick* a comb pops up! Ha ha funny! (Think "Two dollars", that's the one. And if you don't get that reference, go and watch Better Off Dead right now.)

So I wore this jacket constantly, and was wearing it when I went to the San Jose International Airport to see a friend off on a flight. When going to the airport I would run my jacet through the metal detection conveyor belt rather than wear it through the walk-through deal and set it off with the numerous buttons I had stuck to it. Now this comb is made entirely of metal, and so I assume would be indistinguishabel from a regular switchblade in X-ray vision, and even if not, is certainly not an acceptable thing to bring onto an airplane. However, the security personnel manning that station did not blink an eye.

It's a good thing for me, since I did it completely by accident, but a disturbing occurrence nonetheless.

I miss my black microfiber jacket. I hope whoever took it is really really enjoying it and has a tree fall onto them.


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