So like, I was trying to describe this one bug by describing the motion that a particular character in the game makes, and the best term I could come up with is that he does a dolphin dive, that one breakdancing move in which one jumps towards the floor, hands out, and kind of curls downwards into a push-up position. I used to be able to do this all the time no problem, so of course I had to get up from my desk and try one in the middle of the room and yes I still can.

I cannot, however, do the centipede, or worm. There are certain painful obstacles preventing me from taking the time to learn to do this move properly. Namely that my gear slaps against the ground in a significantly unpleasant manner. It could be worse, though. To quote Sid (leader of 5-member group The VVeR(V) CreVV), "First of all make sure you always have your shirts tucked in. Guys, never do the Worm if U got a boner or else itz gonna B really painful... And Girlz just watch out what's goin on around U... "


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