Devil May Cry 2 made it very easy to make your character do cool things. Unfortunately, due to a confusing camera and a difficult targeting system, the following conversation between myself and the main character, Dante, occurred multiple times.
Me: Okay, here's a bunch of small enemies, I'm going to get a better style rating than "Don't Worry" this time. I know I've got it.
Dante (Cartwheeling across the room): Hup! Hoo! Hup! Ha!
Me: Okay, Dante. Get that guy!
Dante (Slashing sword towards enemy on opposite side of the room): Hiya! Whoo! Hup! Hooya!
Me: No, hit the guy that you're right next to! Okay then, shoot that other guy if you're so dead set on killing him.
Dante (Jumping up in the air, backflipping and firing dual pistols directly below him): *blammity blammity blammity* Waaaaaiyaaaa!!
Me: Dammit, Dante! Don't shoot the cement, shoot the demons!!!
Dante: (Spinning around and performing graceful sword slashes into thin air): Kiyai! Heyo! Whoo-ha! Whoo-ha! Wataaaa!!!
Me: Stop it!! Just hit that guy, he's right there!
Dante: (Finally attacking someone, cutting them to ribbons and pushing the enemy and himself entirely out of the camera view) Rrrrrraaaa!!! Cornholiooo!!!!
Me: I'm sure whatever you're doing is very impressive, if only I COULD FUCKING SEE IT!!!
In short, coolness is all well and good, but not at the cost of an effective combat system. I did get used to it after awhile, and learned the way to get huge stylistic combos! So now 1moredork presents the definitive DMC2 super-combo guide!

When confronting multiple enemies, do the following: Get close to an enemy, hold down R and mash Triangle until they're dead, mash Circle until you're near another enemy. Repeat until the game ends.

And to defeat any of the bosses: Stay far away from them. Mash the square button until they are dead.

So here I was, mastering a combat system and saving up red orbs, the currency of the game, hoping to save up for later levels to power up my character, and it seemed like I'd have to put a sword upgrade on layaway when all of a sudden the game was over, after only 4 hours or so of gameplay. "Hunh, that's okay.", I thought, "There's a whole 'nother DVD with another character! I'm sure it'll unlock another quest or something."

Total time to beat the other disc: 3 hours.

The sound is alright, the music is pretty good, the graphics are okay with nice large, confusingly laid-out environments, which are not an improvement over the smaller, but more intimately detailed environments of the first game. The plot involved some whiny effeminate (why are the bad guys always really gay in Japanese stuff?) businessman who clearly had the same tailor as Tekken's Hayabusa and wanted to become a god or something by collecting a bunch of artifacts. The plot didn't really matter to me, since it clearly didn't matter to the designers.

Yeah, so I sold it back already. If you haven't played either, drop $20 on the PS2 classics version of the original Devil May Cry. It's the same thing, only cheaper.


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