I'm sure that by now you're aware of GOP Team Leader's "Astroturf" campaign, in which they encourage their minions to copy a pre-written letter, sign their name to it, and then mail it in to their local newspaper, as though anyone who genuinely believed that George Bush was doing a good job could write a complete sentence. Their latest hoax is all about how much better our schools are doing thanks to Bush's No Child Left Behind Act:
"Because of President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, our schools are already receiving additional resources and historic levels of federal funding to ensure that students succeed, and more positive changes are on the way. Recently, the President announced that every state had put in a place an accountability plan to ensure that all schools makes progress."
Aside from the fact that this statement isn't quite what one would generally refer to as "true", it appears to contain a pretty glaring grammatical error. I'm sure you've already spotted it. Looks like some GOP Team Leaders may have been left behind.

Also, you'll note they don't specify if the historic levels of funding are historically high or historically low.

(link via TMW)


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