I was thinking of writing about how blatant the irony is that Bill O'Reilly's whining about how Al Franken is such a jerk for making baseless attacks upon him and his upstanding employers, but that would be too easy.

I did notice the following phrase in O'Reilly's column, though: "The dominance of Fox in the cable news world has shattered the stranglehold the left had on TV news for decades, and that has caused fear and loathing in some political circles."

"fear and loathing"? Uh oh.... someone get Hunter S. Thompson on the phone. I've got a fantastic idea.

O'Reilly and FOX News really have a lot to learn about humor. As effective as the whole "Franken's not a satirist. He's not funny. We don't think he's funny. Would you think it was funny if your face was on his book?" line seems to be for them, they are totally buying into his ploy. If Franken calls Fox a big corporate conservatively-biased media bully and they respond by suing the guy for copyright infringement, that's perfect for Franken. Are they really so obtuse that they can't see that they're acting almost as though they were a big corporate conservatively-biased media bully? The funniest part is that Franken's not really a satirist. All he has to do is point at Fox and O'Reilly in particular, and they do all the work themselves.


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