The Gender Genie is bunk, I'm afraid. The algorithm, which can ostensibly determine the gender of an author simply by examining the text entered generated some very disappointing results when the following phrases were entered:

"I am a woman." - Male
"My nuts itch." - Female
"My visit to the gynecologist was very enlightening." - Male
"My two ovaries produce eggs, which are used to produce the offspring to which I will give birth through my vagina." - Male
"I am taking an herbal supplement to increase my penis' girth, but it does not seem to be having an effect." - Female

I mean, I think I was pretty obvious with those statements. However, there were some encouraging results as well:

"I say we bomb them back into the stone age!" - Male
"If there's grass on the field, you can play ball." - Male
"I think it's perfectly reasonable to own 120 pairs of shoes." - Female
"It's not you, it's me. We can still be friends, right?" - Female

(Link via LYD.)


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