So not only did we get free food and booze at the dealership on Thursday, but free food at a reception at the Santa Cruz MAH on Friday night, and then free food and booze at the San Jose Museum of Art's surf culture art opening on Saturday.

The surf culture show at the SJMa is pretty dope. It seems like it would be more appropriate for Santa Cruz, but the exhibit is way too big for the SCMAH's gallery. Notable highlights include a vintage Ed Roth-designed surfmobile; a whole bunch of life-size kinetic hula-girl sculptures, which, upon closer inspection, are all beat up, have gang tattoos, track marks and hand grenades; and some really great surf painting renditions of George Washington Crossing the Delaware and this Caravaggio piece, whose name eludes me.

At the reception, all the museum members were wearing leis, and the food consisted of nachos, corn dogs, and mai tais, which is standard surfer fare, or something.

You can eat an awful lot of free food if you know the places to go. I remember being in college and every Tuesday going down to the art building for the weekly gallery openings and (mostly) for the free food that went along with them.

On Sunday night I pussed out of going to what I'm sure was an awesome DJ Z-Trip show in the city. I feel old, putting responsibilty and getting enough sleep before going to a concert and having fun, but I don't think I would have lasted till 2am on a Sunday night.

Note to deviant youth: At none of these events serving free alcohol was I carded.


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