Dork humor - Previews of upcoming sequels:

Harmonix is wrapping up their third rhythm/music game. Hot on the tail of their previous hits Frequency and Amplitude come Duration, which features an even more eclectic collection of music, with hits from such artists as Garth Brooks, Lawrence Welk and Phillip Glass.

A new Castlevania is being planned, this one has the working title so far of Serenade of Solitude, and focuses on the character of Samuel Belmost and how difficult it is for him to find a woman when his bloodline is cursed to fight Dracula over and over and over again for all eternity.

Metal Slug 5 will be in Arcades next year, in addition to the roster of enemy soldiers, aliens, pirates, zombies, bedouins and giant crabs featured in previous installments, the quartet of spastic mercenaries will now take on ninjas, clowns, ninja clowns, and werewolves.

Xenosaga Episode 2 has a website up now which features character and vehicle art from the upcoming installment. Fortunately, it won't be released until next year because no one has finished Xenosaga Episode 1 yet.

Rockstar intends to further court controversy with their forthcoming Grand Theft Auto: Vatican City.

I personally am totally psyched to play Half-Life 2. I haven't seen any of the screenshots or gameplay movies, but I just am dying to find out who "that guy" is.


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